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Palindo Statue, the Biggest Mystery of the Bada Valley
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Being in the middle of a verdant savanna, a statue stands firmly. Is the highest megalith site in the valley of bada. To be the favorite of all existing sites and scattered in the Lore Lindu National Park.

With almost three times the normal height of Indonesian people, the Palindo statue has long been a mascot for the charm of Central Sulawesi. Remember Central Sulawesi? Yes, of course remember that big and slanted statue.

As evidence of prehistoric times in such an epic form, some tourists wonder, how to make a statue that big and heavy. How could he be right in the middle of such a beautiful landscape. Evidence of the cultural history of the Bada Valley cannot with certainty explain exactly what the statues were made of. Its existence is sufficient to describe the high level of creativity of life at that time.

It is certain that the Palindo statue is male. It can be seen from the strokes on the rock. As an entertainer, the first impression of visiting the Bada Valley has its own sensation. Every tourist has their own experience the first time they meet the entertainer.

The bustling tourist visits to Poso district have made Palindo statues well known among foreign tourists since ancient times. The main tourism test when visiting Poso district is definitely wanting to see this legendary human image.

To get to the Valley of Bada, tourists from the outer regions of Central Sulawesi can use several transportation alternatives. It takes almost 12 hours by road trip from Rantepao, North Toraja. Likewise, if tourists choose the entry route from hammer city. And another option is to take the 45-minute air route from the Sultan Hasanudin airport in Makassar to the city of Poso, followed by a 3 hour road trip to arrive at the Bada Valley.


Along the way to and from the Bada Valley, tourists will also enjoy the natural panorama of the Central Sulawesi rainforest mountains. There are already many inns available at prices that are cheap enough to be able to relieve fatigue after a long journey.

Tourists can choose to use a tourist bath service, or want to travel alone. Using public transportation is also a safe option. Some of the drivers of public transport on the route of the city of Tenena-Lembah Bada, Tanoa, deliberately ended up adding their skills to become tour guides. And it's very fun.

Travel without fear and anxiety. Welcomed by friendly residents, the Bada Valley is a must-visit. And to be able to enjoy the bada valley very well, you should come during the dry season. Not only Palindo, several statues scattered in this area will complement ancient tourism in the Bada Valley. (Suzanna Dorothea)


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